Steve Robertson with Musical Ambassadors

Steve Robertson with Musical Ambassadors Joanne Shenandoah and husband Doug, and Jonathan Elias.

“When I first met Steve and watched the video for Project Peace on Earth I got tears in my eyes and chills throughout my body! I became completely inspired with the possibility of reaching millions of people and obtaining a true sense of oneness and peace throughout this world of ours that so desperately needs to get to a place of tolerance, love, understanding and acceptance…PEACE. Steve Robertson lives, breaths, and holds the space that will allow this amazing concert to bring the awareness of peace to ourselves, one another and the planet.”

– Suzy Amis Cameron (PPOE Advisory Board member, Co-Founder of Muse Elementary Worldwide, and wife of director James Cameron)

Beth Neilsen Chapman and Steve Robertson

“Project-Peace on Earth is a dream project to be involved in. As a songwriter and artist I’ve traveled extensively and have always felt there is a spark within each human being that connects them to all other human beings across all lines of faith, gender, culture, and creed. Music is one of the most powerful vehicles for bringing this common thread to light. The energy and funds created from these incredible simultaneous performances will be a great gift that works towards Peace. I’m so thrilled to be a part of it!” – Beth Nielsen Chapman (famed Singer/Song writer) to Perform at Project-Peace on Earth)

“It is an honor for me to take part in the production of the “Project – Peace On Earth” concert. Sacred music is a powerful force that bridges the angelic and human realms. It is condensed light, consciousness breathing. I consider this concert a perfect means to bring forth the impulse of love and peace among all of us humans and our planet earth.”

– Hal Uplinger (Co-Executive Producer of Live Aid, Producer of Project-Peace on Earth, in Memoriam 2011).

“One day, I saw the Project-Peace on Earth video at the end of a You Tube video on Greg Mooers (produced by Project-Peace on Earth), a wonderful teacher I had studied with a while back, and when I saw that video, I knew that whoever was doing this project was someone I greatly admired. I was so impressed with what Steve Robertson is doing that I did something I NEVER do, I picked up the phone and called him and asked him to meet for lunch. And what I learned at that lunch and with each subsequent meeting since, is that everything about this beautiful project, is an outward projection of the heart of Steve Robertson. He truly walks the walk and I am privileged to know him and be of any service I can on this most important and impressive project”

– Annie Moses (Friend, Supporter, Photographer, sister of Michael

Steve Robertson and film maker, James Cameron






“We all talk about and pray about Peace on Earth…Here’s our chance to actually contribute to making it happen. With the Spirit of change in our hearts and the technology for good in our hands…the time for Project-Peace on Earth has finally arrived. Here. Now. You. Me. Us.”

– Diane Cirincione, Ph.D., co-founder The Center for Attitudinal Healing, author, PPOE Advisory Board member

“There has never been a more important time to come together as a people for the purpose of peace, global communication and harmony through music. I trust the vision and heart of the founders of this experience and am dedicated to participating in whatever way I can to support, this important event. Thank you Project-Peace on Earth.”

– Rainbeau Mars, former Global yoga ambassador for adidas, PPOE Advisory Board Member

“From the moment we learned about Project-Peace on Earth, we felt the desire to contribute in any way possible to help bring the project to fruition. We could see that Project-Peace on Earth would be much more than an entertaining fundraising concert — it has the immense potential to be the global platform that unites the hearts of nations worldwide through music and spirituality. We also feel that the full concept of Project-Peace on Earth offers tangible hope. Through recent advancements in technology, contributors will have the opportunity to literally see how their dollars are creating results at home and abroad on an ongoing basis. Whether it’s helping create shelters for our homeless or blessing third world villages with new water wells, each and every one of us has the opportunity to play a part. We are honored to be involved with Project Peace on Earth.”

– Delanne & Peter Young (Owner Audio Image Canada – PPOE Advisory Board Members)

“20 years ago I had been given the most incredible vision. It came through me (through a near death experience that occurred after I was struck by a car while I attempted to put fuel into friends car that had run out of gas on the highway) from somewhere else, of a musical event that would take place synchronized at several of the Earth’s power acupuncture points. Music is perhaps the most powerful healing force to uplift the human heart. The magnitude of this vision changed the way I looked at the world. I knew at that point there was a Plan. I could feel it in my Soul. And so I set out to work toward it, and then one day, when I was working at a Qigong Healing event at UCLA I was invited to Project-Peace One Earth’s home, the home of Steve Robertson. When I first saw the presentation, I cried. My spine tingled and I was riveted with joy. It IS truly happening. It is by far the most ambitious project on the planet. Not simply another grand musical concert – but a real solution to end poverty and bring true healing to the people. I am at its service in whatever way I can assist. The team that has been assembled is mind boggling. Our Planet and its people need Project-Peace On Earth to HAPPEN. May we unite our hearts and minds for the most positive blessed outcome for Project-Peace On Earth. May it ceaselessly unfold its miracle…” 

Jami Deva (PPOE Advisory Board Member)

Gary Zukav working with Steve Robertson, Jonathan Elias and Linda

“The annual Project-Peace on Earth global telecast to support the most heart-felt and needed endeavors on our Earth, its intelligence, artistic beauty, and exemplary co-creativity in the service of spiritual development in the most inclusive and healthy sense of the word is a very special project to me. I endorse it with wholeheartedly.

– Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul.


“We all talk about and pray about Peace on Earth…Here’s our chance to actually contribute to making it happen. With the Spirit of change in our hearts and the technology for good in our hands…the time for Project-Peace on Earth has finally arrived. Here. Now. You. Me. Us.”

– Diane Cirincione, Ph.D., co-founder The Center for Attitudinal Healing, author, PPOE Advisory Board member

“Peace and sustainability are interconnected and inseparable. Your visionary leadership, aligned with the pragmatic intentions following the event and fundraising efforts will take us a quantum leap forward. In fact, knowing the power of sound, along with the power of focused intention, we can only hope that this opportunity becomes a reality for Project-Peace on Earth will serve all of us. At every significant evolutionary leap of humankind, the spirit of cooperation is key. Steve and your group are a beautiful demonstration model of this life principle, gratitude.

– Dot Maver, Director National Peace Academy Project (2 Time Former Presidential Campaign Director of Senator Dennis Kucinich Dennis and former Executive Director of the Peace Alliance/US Dept. of Peace campaign)

“Music is the language of the heart. So, its without a doubt the only way that we will bring this peace to the earth, if all people sing together. Project-Peace on Earth can probably have the biggest global impact ever. If people are singing and this becomes a global situation where everyone is spontaneously, planned, and integrally singing this event will raise the vibration frequency on the planet and even if people are thinking of doing ill deeds they will not be able to do them”

– Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (world renown Yoga instructor. Owner of Golden Bridge Yoga, PPOE Advisory Board Member).

Steve Robertson and Hillary Rodham Clinton






“Through my work with refugee children and their families in Nablus, Palestine, I have seen the incredible power of simple acts of kindness and beauty for these people who live in such difficult and hopeless circumstances. In our small way, with a team of 15 local and American staff, we are able to infuse some light and fun into the lives of the people we work with. These temporary respites in the constant challenges of their lives enable learning and personal development that can bring sustainable change to their individual lives and the community overall. The concept of Project-Peace on Earth multiplies these factors million-fold with the magnitude of its main components: hours of international-caliber music broadcast from sacred sites, solidarity of millions of individuals around the world, and abundant funds raised for ongoing programs to sustain and extend the relief and joy generated by the concert.”

– Nell Derick Debevoise, program director for Tomorrow’s Youth, personal assistant to Hani Masri, Founder of Tomorrow’s Youth.

“The Project – Peace On Earth reflects the shift toward peace through the universal language of music. It provides a proven way to reach the broadest audience possible to inspire, enable & create change in this world. It reflects a new model of global assistance and participation that can impact & include many.”

– Jan E. Smith, former President/CEO of Disney Interactive.

“The Project-Peace on Earth concert can be a unifying force that reaches across the boundaries of nationality, language, religion, and race to help raise global consciousness around the world.”

– Mark Magidson, acclaimed Producer BARAKA / PPOE Advisory Board member. (famed Film critic Roger Ebert recently stated about the movie BARAKA “if man sends another Voyager to the distant stars and it can carry only one film on board, the film might be Baraka.” Regarding the Blu-Ray release of Baraka “the finest video disc I have ever viewed or ever imagined”)

“It is serendipitous that Project-Peace on Earth is about to come to fruition at a time when everyone can see that a transformation in consciousness is necessary and inevitable. I remember when Steve first told me about his vision for the concert many years ago. His passion and enthusiasm for the power of music was endearing and has proven more than a decade later to be enduring as well. Now, at a time when incessant news cycles instill fear and a sense of crisis, Project-Peace on Earth has the opportunity to be a significant catalyst to bring people together in hope and inspiration.”

– Dan Selene, former Co-Founder and CEO of Higher Octave Music / PPOE Advisory Board Member.

Stephen Hawkins meets with Steve Robertson








“Project Peace on Earth is the most evolutionary approach to large-scale music based-fundraising projects that uplift and unite humanity. By broadcasting from the world’s sacred sites and having a transformative vision of service locally and globally, these concerts will have a powerful ripple effect inspiring everyone to participate in Project Peace on Earth. I am in wholehearted support of this project and will engage the worldwide yoga community to be involved when the project takes wings.”

–Shiva Rea, world renowned Yoga Instructor, PPOE Advisory Board member

“As the author of several book titles on the subject of sacred places, and the Executive Director of the nonprofit World Peace Thru Technology Organization, not a day goes by that I don’t envision our world at peace. A proactive event such as “Project-Peace on Earth” has the potential to bring a message of understanding to a much wider audience. If enough of us envision the positive potential of peace, and work to allow others this access, we are certainly on our way to making world peace a reality within our lifetime. This is a pivotal moment we are living in. Let’s make it happen, because we can!”

– Brad Olsen (Author of numerous books on World Sacred Sites, PPOE Advisory Board member)

“As a young Artist I am excited and inspired by this Peace Project. Can you think of anything cooler than putting the best musicians on the planet up on a global stage, using sacred sites combined with the Internet, to raise money for practical, nuts and bolts development projects across the world? This is why these sacred sites were built, and this is why music was given to us- for the gift of invoking the spirit of Unity, the one thing that will save us- the inescapable fact that We Are all truly One.”                                                                                                                              Ernest Chapman – Founding Musician of TEAM illuminati / Friend / Supporter.

“Honestly, what inspired me was nothing more or less than Steve’s enthusiasm. That, and a desire to give back in whatever ways present themselves to me…”

Barry Dane (Executive Producer – Tsunami Relief concert “Force of Nature”/Producer Project-Peace on Earth)

“More than ever in this historical time I believe that we need our minds, our souls and our hearts to become one, to remind us that the love for each other is more important than anything else. Through these musical prayers we can all achieve this and therefore we can all find the peace inside and outside ourselves. The music will expand the energy from one human being to another one and will remind us something what often we tend to forget: the human being needs love more than anything else. If there is love I believe that then there will peace because it is its natural consequence. This is the reason why I believe in this project.”

– Chiara Tilesi, Producer of “All The Invisible Children” a Feature Film comprised of 5 short docudramas directed by Ridley Scott, John Woo, Spike Lee – film proceeds benefited Unicef.

Sir Richard Branson and Steve Robertson






“Project-Peace On Earth has the potential to touch the collective heart of a nation and influence the very soul of our global community. The opportunity to turn the attention of the world to peace — a realistic global peace through love, acceptance and a foundational respect for each other as human beings and stewards of our planet — is an opportunity that must be embraced, supported and acknowledged. Project-Peace On Earth will make a bold and profound statement: we can KNOW peace in our lifetimes through mutual respect, admiration and love.”

– Andre Douglas Pond Cummings, Professor of Law, West Virginia University College of Law. (Advisory Board member)

“In days of economic decline, challenges and shifts – that we are experiencing now, humankind tends to button up the hatches and retreat into themselves. They look wary at strangers, their social skills diminish and fear begins to creep in. The first thing to shrivel up and die is the generosity and spirit of individuals. Project- Peace on Earth, through its music, its culture and its worldwide reach is the best vehicle to re-ignite the compassion of strangers and to make sure that those who are really in need are not forgotten. That is what drew me to your mission and that is why it is so imperative that we set an example and through music and words bring out that part of each one of us, that is so special.”

– Peter Rodger, Director and Producer of the feature film documentary “Oh My God” (PPOE Advisory Board Member)

“Project- Peace on Earth is one of the clearest visions for global unity and harmony I could imagine. A concert done all over the world, from unique sacred sites, with performances by artists of rich and diverse cultural heritages and geographical and philosophical perspectives. I have always felt that just telling people about Project- Peace on Earth would be enough to help shift division and open new doors. Now it is time to realize fully the vision and engage the world with a song of Understanding, Compassion, Love, Hope, Vision and Beyond.”

– No’a Winter Lazerus Composer/Producer (acclaimed sound engineer for Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel, the film “300” – PPOE Advisory Board member)

Steve Robertson and Don Miguel Ruiz

Steve Robertson and Don Miguel Ruiz


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