Speaker Topic- Business, Leadership, Marketing, Sales & Motivational Topics

Steve Robertson and actress, Lindsey Wagner at speaking engagement

Steve Robertson- Business, Leadership, Marketing, Sales & Motivational Topics

Steve is a powerful motivator and strategic thinker. He is the perfect choice for speaking to any sales and marketing driven companies looking to inspire their team!

Robertson’s early years of discipline and success in the world of professional motocross racing, considered the be the world’s most physically demanding sport, translated into his ability to be prepared, set goals, and take the necessary risks required to win.

He brings over 25 years of fortune 500 corporate executive sales experience infused with extensive personal development training. Steve established direct personal relationships with acknowledged leaders in the field of the human potential and the performance movement.

At the early age of just 30 years old, Robertson became the youngest sales executive in a 4 billion dollar, high-tech computer company. He later utilized his technical sales background and applied it to the world of professional Indy Car racing. Steve led the way towards doubling the companies’ sales in data acquisition and engine management systems.

Steve Robertson is a polished and accomplished sales representative as well. While engaged in selling health insurance, he placed second out of nearly 5000 agents in writing quality plans that retained customers. He also became one of the few within this company to exceed $3 million dollars in sales in less than four years.

Steve was selected by management to coach and inspire new agents due to his ability to motivate and lead people. As well as being an acknowledged expert in the field of sales, Robertson excels at teaching others about networking, telemarketing, business marketing and the skills required to close sales.

Recently, on December 25th 2011, Robertson brought all of his cumulative sales, marketing, networking, and negotiating experience together with an acclaimed list of contacts and successfully produced the worldwide Project Peace on Earth concert that was viewed by nearly 100 million homes.

Steve Robertson shares from his wealth of knowledge in his presentations, lectures and speaking engagements so that audience members truly come away with tools to improve their own skill sets.

To schedule an event or request more information, please contact Steve’s public relations firm. We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your projects!


Shelley Bluejay Pierce- Thunderbird Public Relations- (406)570-0199 – thunderbirdpr@yahoo.com


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