“Music, Media and its Impact on Culture and Society”

 A presentation by Steve Robertson

Music is the transcendental medicine that establishes communion with the Divine and opens pathways towards the self-realization of the soul. Music has the power to create individual and collective awakenings.  It has the power to create movements and call people into action.  Music represents the single most important driver in brand recognition because of how profoundly it defines the collective emotional range of a given demographic.

Music speaks the pure language of the heart with the power to transform thoughts, inspire new visions and provoke conviction within action. Music may provide the key to unlocking and empowering each person’s ability to discover their unique life purpose and to collectively connect towards making our world a more harmonious place.  The great Sufi Master, Hazart Khan of the 14th Century said of music, “People say that the soul on hearing the song of creation entered the body but, in reality, the soul itself was the song.”

Steve Robertson offers listeners a unique insight into the world of music and its influence. Spanning the subject matter from historic, religious, philosophical, psychology, physics, brand marketing, its ultimate influence and impact on culture and society, Robertson creates the opportunity to understand music from a unique perspective. This will empower a new appreciation and approach for harnessing the healing power of music in media and society.

Over the course of some 25 years, Steve Robertson has worked closely with famed musicians and the founders/CEOs of the then leading record labels, Windham Hill, Private Music, Global Pacific and Higher Octave Music. During this time Robertson earned the respect and developed close friendships with numerous famed musicians through articulating, often times on their behalf, the deep spiritual relevance of their music and importance of it relative to the evolutionary growth of human consciousness.  As a result, Robertson has become an acknowledged expert in the field of music, spirituality and its effects on consciousness, marketing and social trends and personal and peace.

Understanding the remarkable power in music is Robertson’s ultimate goal as the lecturer. Bringing the true depth of music’s reach and impact upon culture, brand marketing and market trends and visibility is also a key to his presentation. Taking music from a distant concept to a deeply personal one is Steve Robertson’s passion.

Throughout history, numerous noted scholars have been interested in the relationship between a musician’s creative intention and the resulting composition’s effect on the emotional and spiritual state of the listener.   Robertson’s speaking style has been referred to as highly articulate, heartfelt and deeply inspiring.





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