Steve as Director/Writer/Producer

Steve Robertson served as Director/Writer/Producer/Talent Coordinator on the following video interviews:


Apl de Ap – Black Eyed Peas

Trudie Styler – Sting’s wife

Serj Tankian – lead singer of the rock group “System of a Down”

Fox Lima – song writer and lead singer of Enigma MMX Social Song

Rahat Nusrat Ali Khan – world’s greatest Sufi singer

Sussan Deyhim – world’s greatest female Sufi singer

Yungchen Lhamo – musical representative of Dali Lama and Tibet

Jon Anderson – lead singer of the famed rock group “YES”

Jonathan Elias – composer of Prayer Cycle albums/ Elias arts owner – leading

Kitaro – one of the world’s most famed New Age composers 40million plus albums

Alex Ebert – lead singer of the rock/hip-hop group “Edward Sharp/Magnetic Zeros”

Gary Nicholson – Grammy winner/TX Hall of Fame

Joanne Shenandoah – Grammy winner Native American composer and performer

Jefferson Starship – legendary 70’s rock band

Chaka Khan – Grammy winning jazz/blues singer

Taylor Dayne – Pop Star 70Million albums

Richard Horowitz – famed Film Score composer

Wade Morissette – leading spiritual music composer/performer

Speech – lead singer/song writer of the hip-hop group “Arrested Development”

AO Music – Miriam Stockle-Jay Oliver-Rick Gannaway

Hani Naser – world famed Jordanian Oud / Percussionist

Mike Mitchell – Exec. Producer LIVE AID and 8 Olympics


Gary Zukav – Seat of the Soul /10Million books /guest on Oprah 40 times

Jack Canfield – Nat. Best seller /Chicken Soup for Soul

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements / 4Million books

Dr. Larry Dossey – Nat. Best Seller /Power of Prayer

Dr. Dean Ornish – Nat. Best Seller/Rev. Heart Disease

Dr. Deepak Chopra – Nat. Best Seller /Health/Spirituality

Dr. Jerry Jampolsky – Nat. Best Seller/Attitudinal Healing

Dr. Diane Cirincione – Nat. Best Seller/Attitudinal Healing

Gay Hendricks – Nat. Best Seller /Relationships

John Robbins – Nat. Best Seller / Diet for New America


Gov. Bill Richardson – former Govnr. New Mexico

Senator John Vasconcellos – former Chair Ways/Means


Alexander Astin, PhD – world’s most widely quoted person on Higher Education.  Co-Founder of UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute

Helen Astin, PhD – Co-Founder of UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute


Romio Shresta – world’s top Mandala Painter

Davood Roosteai – world’s top Persian Painter 


Kathy Smith – leading fitness video figure

Eric Nies – MTV’s first reality TV series host of the Real World.  Fitness/Substance abuse expert

Gurmukh – Owner of Golden Bridge Yoga centers (LA, NY)

Rainbeau Mars – former Adidas yoga ambassador

Gary Zukav working with Steve Robertson, Jonathan Elias and Linda


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