Steve Robertson in Bethlehem, Palestine

BIOGRAPHY for Steve Robertson 

Steve Robertson is a philosopher, futurist, philanthropist, sales and marketing expert and noted producer of transformational concerts, short-film media, and social movement initiatives.  Most recently he fulfilled a life-time 25 year dream and produced what many said was impossible- a globally telecast concert of sacred music on December 25th, Christmas day, from Bethlehem, Palestine.  This event was sponsored in by the Palestinian Government, Consolidated Construction Corporation (the world’s largest construction company), the Bethlehem Convention Palace, Netours, the Swiss Government and UNDP.

The concert featured Grammy Winning performers and was televised live to almost 100 million viewers worldwide.  Just one month prior, on Thanksgiving Day (2011), Robertson and his PPOE team, in cooperation with UNRWA, produced and delivered an event that captured the attention of the worldwide media.  1,000 UNRWA Palestinian refugee children were bused to the base of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho and directed (by John Quigley) to form a massive image of the Picasso Peace Dove and spell out the message of, “LOVE ALL.”  This image and message was then aerially photographed and later picked up by the world media.

In September of 2010, Robertson organized and led a famed eye surgical team and film crew to Hebron Palestine to deliver 40 free cataract surgeries. Within a two day period, nearly $400,000 of eye care was given to deserving elderly refugees. Robertson’s extensive humanitarian efforts in the Palestinian region have stemmed from his belief that the Palestinian/Israeli conflict represents the geo-political and spiritual lynch-pin for peace on the planet.  Over the course of producing the Middle East Peace Concert and humanitarian outreach programs, Robertson personally met United Nations leaders in New York and in the Jerusalem, and negotiated  with CEO’s, Ministerial and Mayoral Government level politicians in Palestine to secure the concert venues and enroll sponsorship for the PPOE Christmas Day event and regional humanitarian efforts.

In 2009, as part of the overall PPOE promotional campaign initiative leading up to the 12.25.11 event, Robertson produced a national bus tour campaign called “Peace Has Begun.”  Featuring two broadcast journalists traveling coast to coast in a specially designed double-decker bus, each scheduled stop of the tour allowed the journalists to interview famed authors as well as people on the street on the subject of how to peace could be employed within the context of issues most impacting society.  Robertson went on to film a series of 6-8 minute edutainment interviews with leaders in the personal development field who reframed the word “peace” within the context of a “verb” that highlighted solutions for a variety of societal ills and concerns.

Robertson’s passion for music and deep desire to understand the transformational qualities of sacred types of music began at an early age and blossomed in college, 1981, when he discovered the music of Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Kitaro and other spiritually inclined composers. He became a DJ at the school radio station to promote this type of music.  After college, his desire to promote sacred music led to meeting with Kitaro during his first North American tour.  Shortly thereafter, Robertson would meet with Yanni.  Sensing the correlation between the healing power of music and the growing medical community’s awareness of how negative emotions impacted the immune system and fostered disease, Robertson began reaching out to, and establishing relationships with Bernie Siegel MD, Larry Dossey MD and Dean Ornish MD, who would later be known as the pioneers of the Alternative Medical and Holistic Health movement.

Over the course of some 25 years, Steve Robertson has worked closely with famed musicians and the heads of then leading record labels, Windham Hill, Private Music, Global Pacific and Higher Octave Music. During this time Robertson earned the respect and developed close friendships with numerous famed musicians through articulating, often times on their behalf, the deep spiritual relevance of their music and importance of it relative to the evolutionary growth of human consciousness.  As a result, Robertson has become an acknowledged expert in the field of music, spirituality and its effects on consciousness, marketing and social trends, and world peace.

Robertson would ultimately take his theories about music’s healing powers to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California to conduct a medical study that conclusively proved that sacred music did reduce both pain and stress during the delivery and birthing process. He has also developed music therapy programs for retirement homes, hospices, mental institutions and prisons.

Tracking the most concerning of social trends relative to young people and violence, Robertson has researched and written extensively on the subject of violence in music, video games, movies and mass media’s influence and impact on relative well-being of society.  During the early production phase of the PPOE concert, Robertson developed key relationships with the leading founders of the Self-Esteem movement which included Senator John Vasconcellos (Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, California) Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul book series) and transformational writer Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul).

Prior to graduating from college with a degree in Business Administration, Steve Robertson raced motocross professionally.  Following graduation, he went on to become the youngest sales executive in a 4 billion dollar a year leading high-tech process computer control company.  He later became one of the top sales agents with a leading insurance company, where he was ranked 2nd in sales out of several thousand agents in selling quality business for that particular year.

Robertson is currently in pre-production on the 2012 Project Peace on Earth global concert and developing transformational TV shows, film, music, internet and apparel concepts and content.

To view/listen to endorsements for Steve Robertson, please visit:

CEO & Founder of Project Peace on Earth, LLC. (PPOE)

Los Angeles, CA 90077

310.871.2965 direct line 


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